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Cargo Express is Proud of Another Year as an Official Ally of Trailer Safety Week

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Cargo Express is proud of another year as an official ally of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturer’s Trailer Safety Week. With millions of people traveling our roadways each day for business, recreational, and government purposes, trailer safety is more important than ever to keep our roads safe. Our goal of this partnership is to raise awareness about trailer and towing safety by providing you, our customers, with the crucial information to protect you during your haul.

Getting you and your trailer to your destination drives us at Cargo Express. That’s why we want to share as much safety information as we can to keep your precious cargo safe while towing your trailer.

Want to know more about Trailer Safety Week?

Trailer Safety Week is a yearly event that features two main segments: NATM compliant manufacturers hosting informative events and national production of marketing printed and digital resources to cargo trailer dealers across the country. During these onsite events, dealers are invited to attend and learn more about the educational content available to them and their customers.

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We stand behind our motto, “Our family building trailers for yours” this doesn’t stop with your purchase. We want everyone to have all the resources necessary to keep you safe during your haul no matter what you tow. We hold our dealers to a high standard, and your nearest trusted Cargo Express dealer will be able to provide you with answers to questions you may have or direct you to our list of resources.

If you have safety tips, tricks, or advice that we haven’t covered, send them our way. We would be happy to share your idea in a future post on social media. You can contact us by reaching your nearest manufacturer, messaging us on Facebook.


Thank you for doing your part in keeping our roadways safe! Please share your thoughts with us and head over to our social channels to give us a like.

To get in contact with Trailer Safety Week, call 785-727-4433