Rated: Best

Everlite Open Utility Trailer

Everyday, Multipurpose

Standard Features

  • Single Axle Model Lineup of 7 Units
  • Single Axle Bed Sizes from 5' X 8' - 6.5' X 14
  • Single Axle Curb Weights from 580# - 880#
  • Tandem Axle Model Lineup of 3 Units
  • Tandem Axle Bed Sizes from 6.5' X 14 - 7' X 16'
  • Tandem Axle Curb Weights from 1120# - 1380#

Did you know we also build open aluminum utility trailers? Check out our full lineup of Everlite trailers! If an open trailer is what you need, our Everlite aluminum utility trailers provide a durable, lightweight hauling option. Everlite’s model lineup includes utility trailers in both single and tandem axle varieties. Single axle units range in size from 60”-78” in width and 8’-14’ in length. Tandem axle units are available in three sizes: 78” X 14’, 82” X 14’ and 82” X 16’.

Everlite models come standard with a 3-piece tube integrated A-frame, LED lighting, radial tires, a 3-year limited warranty and much more. Plenty of options are available to customize your trailer including a spare tire, aluminum rims, recessed D-rings and a bi-fold ramp gate. To find out more, visit the Everlite website to locate your nearest dealer.