Rated: Best

Everlite® Open Utility Trailer

Everyday, Multipurpose

Standard Features

  • Single Axle Model Lineup of 7 Units
  • Single Axle Bed Sizes from 5' X 8' - 6.5' X 14
  • Single Axle Curb Weights from 580# - 880#
  • Tandem Axle Model Lineup of 3 Units
  • Tandem Axle Bed Sizes from 6.5' X 14 - 7' X 16'
  • Tandem Axle Curb Weights from 1120# - 1380#

Did you know we also build open aluminum utility trailers? Check out our full lineup of Everlite® trailers! If an open trailer is what you need, our Everlite® aluminum utility trailers provide a durable, lightweight hauling option. Everlite’s model lineup includes utility trailers in both single and tandem axle varieties. Single axle units range in size from 60”-78” in width and 8’-14’ in length. Tandem axle units are available in three sizes: 78” X 14’, 82” X 14’ and 82” X 16’.

Everlite® models come standard with a 3-piece tube integrated A-frame, LED lighting, radial tires, a 3-year limited warranty and much more. Plenty of options are available to customize your trailer including a spare tire, aluminum rims, recessed D-rings and a bi-fold ramp gate. To find out more, visit the Everlite® website to locate your nearest dealer.